Michelle's Marquez's Pre-Event Photo Session at South Padre Island, Texas


The shoot was a wonderful experience, and I will never forget the great turnout this photo session was.


Michelle is a trained athlete who works out hard every day as she is in many different kinds of sports for her school.  She is a high achiever.


Michelle had the endurance that was necessary in order to fulfill the photoshoot requirements and was always at her best no matter how tired she might be.  Of course, we made sure she was okay, and kept asking if all was fine. (That particular shoot was in extreme hot weather of about 96 degrees!)


She wore a beautiful blue/teal/black ruffled ballgown dress and some beautiful silver HIGH shoes, along with her boots at times.


We did several photo spots for this Pre-Event Shoot and I just had a blast at all the opportunities we had of Michelle to take her images!  We wanted a Very Special Portrait for her Ceremony/Reception and two of them were chosen for display.


Michelle, you and your family were awesome, but most of all, I congratulate you for your postive attitude at all times throughout the session!  You were just an amazing girl!  Whooohooo!  


And as a side note, many of you know that a Quincenarea, or 15th birthday, is to note the changing of a young girl's life to a young lady...In Michelle's photo shoot, you are able to see different aspects of her and I know she will be able to look back and appreciate those different qualities she showed throughout her session.  Below is Michelle's chosen Portrait for her event.  I have named it "Who I am Becoming"


 - -  Dinah Rodriguez Anaya (Photographer @ Dinah's Photography)  - June 24, 2012